Top Websites to Teach You Play the Guitar

The guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments in the world. It's compact enough to transport and doesn't take decades to master the basics. However, it can be difficult for a beginner to understand the chords, exercises, and melody memorization sequence. Fortunately, there are quite a few online resources that can make this process easier. Here are the top websites to teach you to play the guitar.


This is a popular YouTube channel where you can find over 100 videos for beginners and advanced guitarists. The Basic Course helps you master hand sync and sound production. You will learn what a pick is, you will be able to learn many playing techniques and learn new songs.
Some videos are over 30 minutes long, so you have to spend about a week watching all the content on the channel. It will take a long time, so students should do all their homework ahead of time. If you don't have time to do it yourself, then you can find someone who can do math homework for money. Then you will have more time for music.


This is another famous YouTube channel. It differs from the first example in that it has a universal theme. In addition to educational videos, there is a lot of information for learning to play the bass guitar and drums. There is also a separate section with guitarists and the opportunity to see all the latest technical innovations in the music industry.
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Dolphin Street

This guitar school is very interesting as it is aimed at beginners. Here you will learn all the basics and principles of guitar techniques. All videos are by Robert Renman. He is a popular guitarist who knows how to convey information to the audience. The main plus is that the author shows all examples in practice and teaches beginners the basics of improvisation. Also, YouTube users can check out the section where Robert answers the most popular questions and talks about guitar myths.


It is a popular online school with many videos. You can watch popular guitarists play and slow down to learn their playing technique. You can also download apps for smartphones and tablets to learn notes and chords. All lessons are structured so you can choose your basic level without wasting time. If it takes you a long time to study sheet music, you can order writing services at Then you will have more opportunities to practice.


This is an original service with tablatures. You can slowly learn the correct sounding technique and hand placement. This is especially important for beginners. The plus is that you can learn from your favorite songs and download tablatures with descriptions. This greatly speeds up the learning process and allows you to get a lot of positive emotions.